As you may have experienced before, companies, people, and even machines can send text messages from a variety of different sources, even an existing business landline or toll-free number. Today, there are an estimated 6.1 trillion text messages exchanged every year, and that number will only continue to rise.

With recent technological advances, companies are prime candidates to start using texting. Businesses have the ability to keep their existing phone numbers and send text messages directly to their customers.

Texting is the most efficient way to get through to customers in a quick and engaging manner. With roughly 259 million people in the U.S. who use a texting feature or app on their smartphone, it is no surprise that businesses will get more responsive customers and ultimately lead to more sales when they enable landline texting. Even if your demographic is a little older, landline texting can still be an incredibly effective way to communicate shorter messages quickly and conveniently.

You may be wondering, how does landline texting work? Aren’t landlines only able to be used for receiving and making calls?

Through a business texting service, businesses can text-enable existing landlines. You can receive and send text messages from your landline number using a web browser on mobile or desktop. Furthermore, landline texting does not interfere with the regular voice calls you already receive from your customers.

The landline phone number functions as an address that leads to two separate destinations. Voice calls are sent to the landline phone, but the SMS messages are routed to the internet.

For instance, think of your local number or landline like a home address and the text message like letters in the mail – your address directs the post office to send the letter to your specific destination. It is the same for your phone number. No matter what mode the consumers contact you, the message will be sent to the same “address” but accessed by your business differently.

Landline texting is extremely important in today’s world because consumers love the convenience of being able to text a company. With 85% of consumers preferring to receive a text message over a voice call or email, the reward for your business sales and overall rapport is extremely high.

In addition, companies love being able to communicate with customers in the fastest and most cost-effective way possible. A landline texting feature is a great solution that meets the needs of both parties involved in the communication. Your business could even use text messaging to send payment reminders, event invites, brand updates and coupons or special discounts.

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With landline texting becoming the best way to communicate with customers, can any kind of business benefit from it?


Any business who believes that places communication with their customers as a top priority will benefit from this feature. A text-to-landline service is ideal for most business types including retail, faith-based, food and hospitality, fitness, nonprofits, real estate, and many others. Landline texting is also popular among construction companies, sales and repair shops, medical offices and advertisers.

Landline texting is a universal solution to your business communicating with existing and potential customers in the fastest and most successful way possible.

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