The pandemic has affected every single person in the world over the past year.

Social interaction is one of the most common and fundamental actions to partake in as a human being. Unfortunately, due to COVID, social distancing and other safety measures have been put into place to reduce the spread by limiting the amount of people you physically come into contact with each day. Although the pandemic is still very much an issue today, many businesses have reopened and are operating at limited capacity in their physical space.

As you may have experienced personally with your own friends and family, it is extremely difficult to track the people you are around in a day. On average, one person participates in about 12 social interactions per day, which does not include strangers you may randomly be around in a common space.

Now imagine how hard it is for a business to attempt to track the number of people and specifically who is in their business at a given day and time.

What is the solution?

Contact Tracing is a process of identification for people who may have come into contact with an infected person and alerting them to get tested. This tracking system has become a new part of business’ vocabulary along with words like social distancing that will allow them to securely monitor and notify employees and customers of a positive case within their business. A recent study has shown that a model with contact tracing in place predicted 90% of symptomatic infections versus 10% predicted in a model where there was no contact tracing. Any business from restaurants, doctors offices, gyms, hotels, anywhere operating with an open facility can benefit from utilizing contact tracing. For the sake of health alone, every business should be taking this opportunity to keep staff and customers safe and to run a highly safe establishment.

Although this is an evolving and emerging topic right now in the business world, many businesses are not sure how to act on it and what is the best method of application. Some have started to implement manual contact tracing, but this method is not enough in providing sufficient protection and support to operating a safe business. With manual tracking, there is a sharing of stationary and pens, privacy concerns with customer’s information publicly in the open, can be easily stolen or misplaced, and is extremely time consuming for the customer to fill out. Despite manual contact tracing being a good start for businesses, it is simply not enough to maintain safety in your business space with the current condition of the pandemic.

Our Contact Tracing app is 100% contactless and allows your business to securely track positive cases while prioritizing speed and accessibility. Through an QR code and answering a few simple questions, this process requires almost no tech experience and can be done by any kind of customer.

Furthermore, our app is both business and customer friendly. On the customer side, they have the ability to notify your business directly if they have a positive test anytime after entering your establishment. Then, on the business side, you have the opportunity to inform your employees and customers who may have come in contact with the positive case by entering a two factor authentication code. Your business also has the ability to set the date and time you would like our app to alert your customers within your platform about the case.

Reopening and operating businesses have been a major challenge for every type of business, especially with the pandemic still affecting our world today. With this concern at the top of every employee and customer’s mind, our app is your opportunity as a business to be a leader and maintain the best safety precautions for your community.

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