Google Reviews are really important– 88 percent of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends and 90 percent of customers will read online reviews prior to choosing where to spend their money. Not just are they typically the last factor that points potential customers to you, but they likewise hold a lot of weight in the present search algorithm.

If you’re having a hard time to improving the number and quality of your online reviews, these tips will help — here are 10 methods to get more Google reviews.


10 Ways to Get More Google Reviews


There’s something you ought to know: 85% of consumers do not trust reviews more than 3 months old, and 40 percent just consider those from the previous two weeks.

Getting more Google Reviews

That implies that it’s insufficient to get 100 5-star reviews and think you’re done. You must make review-getting an ongoing part of your marketing strategy. You can do this by integrating the 10 review generation strategies below into your marketing strategy.


1. Don’t be Shy – Ask for a Review

One of the easiest ways to get a new review is to ask!

Requesting reviews is often the most direct method to make sure satisfied customers get your demand.

If you’re on the phone with a delighted customer, ask them to write a review.

2. Send Out a Follow-Up

After a successful job ends send your consumer a follow-up e-mail and ask them to leave you a Google evaluation.

In your e-mail make certain to:

  • Be personal.
  • Thank your consumer for selecting you.
  • Tell them you appreciate and check out all feedback.
  • Inform them why feedback is important.
  • Supply a direct link for visitors to leave you a Google evaluation.



3. Leave a Leave-Behind

A leave-behind is a piece of marketing security that you leave at your consumers’ property, like a Google review card. These tend to be more popular with specialists or local service companies.

For instance, if you’re a flooring contractor who just installed brand-new oak wood floorings in a customer’s house, think about leaving a folder containing the following:

Care and maintenance ideas for the brand-new floor. A contact number in case the consumer has any follow-up questions. An organization card. A Google review card. Clear, precise guidelines detailing how to utilize the review card.

Not quite ready to pay hundreds of dollars to redo all your printing?

Start by updating all your digital assets.

4. Add review links everywhere.

Another simple way to get more Google reviews is to include a review link to your site or produce a custom-made evaluation link.





What Is a Custom Google Review Link?

A custom Google review link is precisely what it sounds like– a custom-made URL you can develop where your clients can leave you a review.

How to Use the Custom Google Review Link Generator

Here’s how to get a custom-made review link for your company: 

Search for your business here: In the map, enter your business until Google shows it to you. Your place-id will be in that box.

Now, copy the Place ID to the end of this:

So it looks something like this: .

Now you can use that link to send people directly to your review page. (Pro tip: use a link shortener to make it more friendly.)




5. Set Up Review Generation Tools to Get More Google Reviews


Evaluation generation tools make the review-getting process a lot more streamlined.

There are many to choose from, and they all have their pros and cons, but anything automated will take some of the pressure off of you



6. Follow-Up Your Review Requests Multiple Times

Just because a consumer does not leave you an evaluation the first time you ask does not imply they never will.

The timing may not have been right, they may have only had an average experience, they may just be busy.

Try sending a couple of email follow-ups in addition to your very first review request and limiting your total number review demands to 3.

And sure, some individuals will never leave an evaluation no matter what you do. That’s ok, as long as you remember to ask.



7. Keep Your Cool When You Get a Bad Review

 So you got a bad review. Do not attack, don’t provide excuses; simply accept it and vow you’ll fix the issue. I’ve seen our customers turn a one-star evaluation into a 5-star review simply by being great individuals and making things right.

When consumers see that you monitor and react to reviews– even bad ones– they’re most likely to see you as a stand-up business and choose your services.  If it’s genuinely a false evaluation, stay cool, address the situation and apologige for the customer’s experience. You don’t have to accept blame for something you didn’t do, all you’re doing is acknowleging their feelings about it.


8. Include Calls-to-Action and Popups on Your Website

 People put things off. You understand that. I know that. Everybody knows that.

Nudge procrastinators by having lots of calls-to-action on your website, and even by adding a little pop-up motivating the user to leave an evaluation. You’ve seen these popups and CTAs at work– usually they something like, “Are you enjoying [insert item here] Leave us a review!” 



9. React to Your Reviewers

We constantly recommend responding to online reviews– both favorable and negative.

 If a consumer leaves a favorable review, say thanks. If a customer leaves an unfavorable evaluation, follow the steps below:


Address the problem. Excuse the problem (even if your company is in the wrong). Try to fix the problem privately.

Google acknowledges business that respond to Google reviews.


10. Supply Great Customer Service

Online evaluations are frequently similar to the six o’clock evening news– you just hear the bad and not the excellent.

By far the most convenient way to get a Google review is to supply terrific customer care to every consumer you connect with.

If a client is blown away with your company, the service you offer, the product they purchased, or the experience they had, they’ll want to leave you a great review. 


You can do it yourself, however …

The process to produce a consistent pipeline of evaluations isn’t simple but you can do most of this yourself with time and a little persistence. If you ‘d choose to leave your review generation to the professionals, our team is here to assist. Contact us to read more about our wide variety of digital marketing services designed to assist organizations like yours get as many leads and sales as possible from the web.


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